Storybook Program
  • Each student writes their own story, and we create
    their 8.5” x 11” full-color, hard cover book
  • Enhance your language arts and writing curriculum
  • Ideal project-based learning unit
  • Program includes:
    • Free access to our secure online book-making tools and templates
    • Free, dedicated customer service for teachers
    • Order forms for additional copies of book
  • No minimum number of students required
  • Books are just $18.95 each, including shipping and handling

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What Teachers Are Saying:
“The idea that their work is going to be sent away and printed as
a real book gets students very excited and involved in making it
their best work.”
Kristen Miller
3rd Grade Teacher
Center Grove School
Randolph, New Jersey
“What does this project do for my students? It gives them a purpose for
writing. It builds confidence as a writer. And it brings the families into the
school for academic achievement to praise and honor their child’s efforts in
writing. The power of this project is amazing.”
Terry Melancon
3rd Grade Teacher
State Street Schoool
Windsor, VT