Classbook Program
  • Each of your students writes a page or two of a collaborative story,
    and we create a 8.5” x 11” full-color, hardcover book
  • Enhance your language arts and writing curriculum
  • Ideal project-based learning unit
  • Program includes:
    • Free access to our secure online book-making tools and templates
    • Free, dedicated customer service for teachers
    • Order forms for additional copies of book
  • No minimum number of students required
  • Books are just $18.95 each, including shipping and handling

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What Teachers Are Saying:
“This is a wonderful way to motivate students to write, and to take
pride in their work. I will continue to use it each year with my
Michelle Baer
2nd Grade Teacher
Marvista Elementary
Normandy Park, Washington
“Writing stories can be hard for some students, but when I tell them, Your
work will be published in a book,’ they get so excited and really engage in
the process! As a teacher, you know you’ve connected with students when
they come to class the first day hoping to write and publish stories.”
Angie Kelley
4th Grade Teacher
Central Elementary School
Gonzales, Louisiana